• Brief And Surprising History Of Southern Fried Chicken

    Just saying the words “Southern Fried Chicken” can start your mouth watering. But, there’s more to this Southern favorite than the name. As a matter of fact, for the origin of this delicious dish, you’ll have to look to Africa before you look to the South. Historical documents show that tribes in West Africa celebrated… [Continue Reading]

    Brief And Surprising History Of Southern Fried Chicken
  • Exploring The World Of Mexican Cooking

    Mexican cuisine can be described as having a wide range of intense color and flavor. The food is colorful and the spices and seasonings give it that extra kick. The cultural influences span over many countries including Spain, India, Europe, and even the Caribbean, resulting in this food being so varied. However, although recipes differ… [Continue Reading]

    Exploring The World Of Mexican Cooking
  • Italian Cooking Beyond Spaghetti

    When I dream of a plate of Italian food, it usually looks something like this;  spaghetti, tomato  sauce, Parmesan cheese, and garlic bread.  However, that type of dish is as American as they come.  What truly makes up an authentic Italian dish?  Is Italian cuisine based on the spices and seasonings or possibly the way… [Continue Reading]

    Italian Cooking Beyond Spaghetti

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